Nevada/El Dorado Bicyclists ride in support of safer Hwy 54

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Riding the roads for bicycle lanes

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Frank Briscoe, left front, and about 12 other area cyclists take a ride through Nevada Saturday showing support for establishing bike lanes with appropriate signage and marking along U.S. Highway 54 between Highway 43 and El Dorado Springs. Briscoe is leading a fund raising campaign to help pay for the project. Ralph Pokorny/Daily
Actual head count for the ride was 16, including a city councilman from Nevada and another from El Dorado Springs joined the ride.  Had the weather not been so cold, it was only 40 degrees when we met at 8:00 AM to ride.  Afterwards a number of folks called me and apologized for not showing up.  Common complaint, “I was just too darn cold”.


  1. John Fairbanks
    September 24, 2014

    That is a great stretch of road and is used every year on the RAAM or Race Across America. I grew up in Nevada and never saw anyone rided a bike except for kids to and from everywhere. I lived on the corner at 1255 N Cedar and had about 6-7 friends that would ride to play ball at the fields north of town and go all the way to Spring Street Park by bike if we felt in the mood to just cruise around town. Now that I am older I log several thousand miles by bike training, racing or just cruising. Cycling is probably one of the greatest exercises that we can do for ourselves and you can do it forever. The first year I did Bike Ride Across Nebraska there was a 88 year old and I hear he is still coming back.

    • Frank Briscoe
      September 24, 2014

      Nice! Glad to see you have incorporated bicycling into your exercise regimen. By the Grace of God and our County Commissioners efforts and all who support safer roads for bicyclists, runners and walkers in Vernon county this project will be done.


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