Naples Cyclery, a bike shop that cares

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Naples Cyclery and Fit & Fuel Bicycle Cafe

It’s more than an experience . . . it’s an adventure!

    813 Vanderbilt Beach Road,

Naples, FloridaNaples, FL 34108

Front Naples CycleryWhether you are that person who has mildly entertained the notion of once again getting on a bicycle, you are an experienced bicyclist or anything in between including an interest in rentals, this is the place for you!  It’s a marvelous mixture of bicycles, a charming café and conversation.  The 4,500 square foot shop is expediently accessible by car or bicycle in Naples, FL.   As an avid bicyclist for the past 9 years logging more than 31,000 miles, I have encountered a multitude of bicycle shops.  This shop not only appealed to me from all outward appearances, their welcoming and expert staff sold me!!

Frank and trusty steed "Spirit", ready to ride once again.

Frank and trusty steed “Spirit”, ready to ride once again.

Although I may not look it in this photo, I am ecstatic after picking up a refurbished and very much improved “Spirit” from Naples Cyclery.  “Spirit” and I had logged more than 11,000 together in the US, Belize, Mexico and the Netherlands; many miles very challenging for both of us.  While I lost weight and am in better shape because of it, “Spirit” needed a lot of work and I knew it but was not mechanically inclined enough to diagnose.  I spotted Naples Cyclery on one of my more leisurely rides.  Checking out bicycle shops is a bit of a hobby for me.  As a former owner of a few businesses, I am still curious to see the goods and, most of all, experience the service.

Wow!  What a place!  As soon as I walked in the door, I received a warm greeting from one of their expert staff members.  We talked about what I needed but first, the staff member gave me a tour of the place; its various working/accessary stations, the array of bicycles, and even the Fit & Fuel Bicycle Café two doors down.  After that, we got down to the business of “Spirit”.  Bicycles do not have a fancy computer to diagnose problems.  It’s done the old fashioned way with an appointment and a thorough exam.   I made the appointment preparing myself for the worst possible scenario.  Before I left, I stopped at the café and enjoyed a wonderful sandwich wrap and a couple of beers.  The café has a delightfully healthy menu (except for the beers, I suppose) and is sensibly priced.  I’d go back!

I dropped off “Spirit” for her exam.  The staff was kind enough to give me a loaner so I rode off into the sunset wondering if “Spirit” would be all right.  The following day, I received THE call with the diagnosis.  While nothing surprised me, like any consumer, I was hoping for a little tune-up.  That didn’t happen but I understood.  I agreed to the work and four days later, I had “Spirit” back . . . back to the way she was 11,000 miles ago!  The cost?  Well, as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”  I walked away with a healthy “Spirit” satisfied that I got that and much more for the money I spent.

Go for a Naples Cyclery adventure and experience first-hand their shop and superior staff support.  You’ll be glad you did.  If you cannot go right now because of time or distance, take a virtual tour on YouTube:

You can also visit their website:

Frank E. Briscoe & “Spirit”

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