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Pro-File Design Aero-bars

In January 2011 I had my tailbone cracked no need for the details here but the end result I can no longer tolerate riding upright with my hands on either the top of the handlebar or hoods of my bicycle.  The solution to this problem was solved by installing a set of Profile-Designs AirStryke aero-bars on my touring bike.  In the aero position I’m able to ride for hours at a time without much discomfort to my backside.  Other bonuses of using aero-bars: 1. I’m more aero dynamic when riding into the wind.  Less wind resistance equals less effort.  2. On many occasions my hands would go numb on longer rides.  That too was fixed using the aero-bars.  In fact, during my Crossing of America the summer of 2011 several other riders who were experiencing hand numbness tried out my aero-bars from my back-up bike and were amazed to discover their hand numbness went away using this additional riding position made possible with the Pro-file Designs aero-bars.  Two of them bought, while on the ride, their own aero-bars at the next available bike shop selling this fantastic product. 3.  I found as did all other riders using aero-bars increased our average speed between 2-3 mph.  That’s a big bonus when riding 80-100 miles in a day.

If you believe aero-bars will improve the quality of your time on a bike as it has done for me I’d recommend you check out the quality of the Profile-Designs line of aero-bars, my favorite the AirStryke.  Their website link:

The Old Guy on a Bicycle preferred choice for riding bibs/shorts

Over the years I’ve tried a number of brands of riding bibs and shorts, one stands out as the most comfortable, long lasting and even helps with muscle massaging characteristics that cuts down on fatigue.  SKINS USA is that outstanding company with their C-400 Compression bibs and shorts.  Simply stated they are awesome!  At first you might have price shock but believe me once you wear them, you too will agree they are “Priceless”.


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