A Dining Treasure, Ft. Pierce, Florida

I had ridden my bicycle Spirit to Ft. Pierce from Vero Beach. Just before crossing the big bridge on Seaway Drive, I spotted “Capt. Bob’s Place” restaurant on the right side of the highway, with a large sign advertising Greek Gourmet, BBQ, Subs and Seafood all dishes I enjoy eating.  The sign included a picture […]

Bicycling a Tune Up for the Whole Body

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A good friend forwarded the link below regards to the many benefits of riding a bicycle, even as few as 20 miles a week will do your body wonders. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did. http://oopsmark.ca/science-behind-cycling-makes-us-happier/ Do you have a question about bicycling? If so, contact me via my new “Question […]