Woman Glow eMagazine: The first article I did February 2012

nancy / A Man’s POV on Aging, Featured in slider / adventure, challenge, goal-setting, healthy body, natural aging / 2 Comments Greetings, everyone, from the Old Guy on a Bicycle! Nancy invited me to be a special guest on her informative “Womanglow” eMagazine.  She found me via my website http://www.oldguyonabicycle.com, and felt after reading it, […]

Story I wrote for Woman Glow an Australian Women’s emagazine

Woman Glow eMagazine www.womanglow.com.au story I wrote for March 2012 Nancy thought it might be fascinating reading for the ladies to hear what and older, mature man finds attractive in a woman.  As a man, I can sincerely tell you from my POV, what characteristics I admire in a woman; the very things that make her […]